Some Questions on the Nature of Your Existence

Installations | 2007 | 26 minutes | Single-channel video installation | 3 editions plus 2 APs

A single-channel video installation, which explores the rarefied world of Tibetan Buddhist debate. Built around three sets of debates dealing with the basic Buddhist concepts of impermanence, lack of self-existence, and dependent-arising, the piece allows the viewer an opportunity to participate in this unique dialectical practice while highlighting its relevance to the modern world.


Tibet Pavilion
1 June to 7 September 2013
Venice, Italy

Ravenna Festival
7 to 11 July 2012
Ravenna, Italy

2010 Busan Biennale
Living in Evolution
12 September to 20 November 2010
Busan, Korea

The Kaleidoscopic Eye:
Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary Collection
4 April to 5 July 2009
Mori Art Museum, Tokyo
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Shooting Back, 6 June to 28 October 2007
Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Vienna
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