Taking Tiger Mountain By Storm

Installations | 2015 | 5 minutes | Single-channel video installation

This video redeploys recently acquired Chinese police footage of a large-scale raid on a small village in Central Tibet, converting it from a security apparatus archival record to a parody of what Communism means today in Tibet, and by extension, in China. Hundreds of armed police, paramilitary forces, attack dogs and armoured vehicles make a dawn raid on a sleeping village and make house to house search-and-arrests of suspected Tibetan nationalists, rudely awakening terrified men, women and boys. Accompanied by a stirring rendition of The East is Red, the video is edited like a scene from a war movie, intercut by propaganda text from the well-known Communist Chinese opera, Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy, one of the eight officially approved plays during the Cultural Revolution.

Burning Against the Dying of the Light
Solo Exhibition, Khoj International Artist’ Association Studios, New Delhi
10-31 December, 2015